East West Trading & Agencies Co.,Ltd. (EWTA)

was established in 1959 as a trading company to import and distribute dairy & delicatessen products into the Thai market. Currently, the company imports a wide range of premium food products from countries all around the world; France, Italy, Spain, England, Denmark, Switzerland, Brazil, Germany, Australia, Netherlands, Morocco, etc.

What Makes
Our Company Unique?

In every process, from sourcing through distributing our merchandises, we strive for continuous improvement in acquiring new products that offer innovation and service improvement to enhance each partner’s performance.
With more than 58 years of experience in importing and introducing dairy food products into Thai food industry, EWTA has an exceptional understanding of our clients' needs to create delightful meals for their customers. EWTA aims to be the best in providing premium products, superb after-sales service and prompt delivery.


Our Product offering includes over 200 of the best cheeses the world has to offer and over 500 other culinary items including Lamb, Escargots, Anchovies, Pastas, Olive oil, Mustards, Vinegars, Chocolate and much more.